6 months pass. Stairs follow.

It was only when I was writing an ‘instant message’ to a friend on a website that I realised yesterday marked 6 months since Mark passed away. I’d previously noted that it was probably about this time last year that his health really began to slip out of control and we’d commented about how fast the time had gone.

In that time, the ‘dream home’ we planned to create by extending and rearranging my house has progressed from being a building site to being an almost-complete house with skip.

The much anticipated stairs were installed today. This sounds far more exciting that it really is. We’re talking about 2 steps which cover a hole directly above where the shower is going. But they’ve been waiting to be installed for some time now, and having come home disappointed for about 3 weeks, seeing them in position was a nice thing today!


Some might consider I need to get out more. And they’re probably correct.

But coming back to the 6 months thing. As I was dutifully trying to sort out the financial matters back in the summer it did occur to me that there was so much information which I had to pull together to actually resolve everything that it would be a shame to lose all of that – perhaps it should be written down. So I can’t see it becoming the next bestseller, but I think I’d like to put together some sort of help-guide – it’s the sort of thing I thought might have already been out there, but there didn’t seem to be anything to cater for what I was looking for. So that may well be a winter project. And it might end up on here. I don’t know, let’s just see how it turns out I guess.

An early start in the morning. The car is covered in case of a thick layer of frost on the windows so hopefully I don’t have to get up any earlier than necessary. I can’t understand how people can take several hours to get ready in the morning – I’m sure that time would be better spent asleep!!!

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