Running and back to the 1950s

Final planned race of 2012 today – the Stockport 10, which is a 10 mile road race with a couple of hills.

Overdale Road (Romiley) did for me, but the rest was mostly fine I’m pleased to say. I didn’t break the 70 minute target I’d hoped for, but 72.43 will do me fine, especially as I don’t feel 100% race fit at the moment.
Wintertime will definitely be a time to get the fitness back on track anyway.

I had some more fun with the camera to come out with a ‘period’ 1950s type photograph. IMG_2955eSo this is a 1953 British Army Pay Corps battledress uniform. Mark and I went along to a number of ‘re-enactment’ 1940s events which were quite good fun. There were always a load of stalls selling period memorabilia and plenty of re-enactors showing off different forces, countries, vehicles and even a superb 1940s style singer (Lola Lamour) who performed live with her band so that visitors could dance period dances. Friends of ours evenĀ  booked her for their Civil Partnership which made the after dinner dancing that much more interesting away from the usual disco! Anyway, what made the RAF Upwood event more interesting was that they gave a discount if people attended in period dress which meant that many of the visitors also got into 1940s gear, be it uniform or civilian wear – whole families turned out this way and it really added to the atmosphere.
I digress – last weekend the weather was icy cold and I was inspired with the camera and dug out the battledress to try to get a photo which set the mood I was after. I was pleased with the result.

For the rest of today – well there’s the ‘Strictly’ results show, dinner and probably an early night, following on from the exertion of the day. Another weekend flies by and back to work tomorrow!

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