Fixed, and time for home

      This last week since my last post has totally flown by.

The treatment itself continued throughout and I have a lot more confidence in the state of my back. Not least I think because I now feel I know a lot more about how it works (or not) and I have been shown a number of exercises to keep it in fine fettle.

When I get home there should be some red cards from the Royal Mail relating to various gym items which I’ve ordered so I can continue working on the Pilates.

I’m sat in a popular chain of coffee shop in Edinburgh city, catching up on caffeine whilst I wait for my train to arrive. It’s a warm afternoon and Princes Street is busy with shoppers, workers, tourists and trams. The sky is blue and there would appear be an ice cream war the street below with battalions of ice cream vans across the way in front of the gallery. People are sat out on the grass.

Anyone would think it was summertime!! 🙂

The break away had done me a lot of good. I can walk without pain again and the shoulder which has misbehaved for much of the trip also seems to be abating. The other patients were great company and, as tradition dictates having handed over all the committee paperwork and instructions, we went out to the local pub for the karaoke. Not that I inflicted my voice on anyone, I left it to those who could mostly sing. The highlight being ‘electric six’s ‘gay bar’ being sung by one of the Northern Ireland delegation to another of their number (who wasn’t gay) complete with actions. The low point being ‘flower of Scotland’ being murdered by a local too drunk to know better than to go near a microphone. And the less said about the misuse of a TENS machine, the better…

Diversity has never been better 🙂

It’s always strange to realise you have spent a chunk of quality time with people who you’re more than likely not going to meet again and that’s a big shame. But addresses have been swapped so never say never. Not that any of us are wanting to have to go back to rehab again any time soon.


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