Repair job – week one

Well this week has certainly been beneficial.

I have to admit to not knowing what to expect. I knew it would involve a lot of physio but I also wondered how badly injured I actually was. It wasn’t as if there were limbs missing or anything.

Still having spoken in detail with the physio it was clear there was quite a lot of things that weren’t quite right. The Sciatica, being the reason for the referral, seemed to have lessened, but in doing so the rest of the back was thrown out. There was the matter of the headaches due to things going wrong in the neck, and, having fallen from my bike a couple of weeks ago, I’d picked up a painful ‘ball of hate’ in my right shoulder.

So after some physio, a lot of self-help exercises and stretches, an introduction to pilates and some sensible eating, actually things seem a lot improved one week on. I have managed 2 runs – I won’t suggest they were record-breaking as they felt pretty hard work compared to where I was before the sciatica, but the important thing is being able to start the training again. I’ve also been out on the mountain bike to keep the legs working. Saying that, the timing aren’t looking that far out of kilter and so perhaps I’m pushing that little too hard on myself. As if I’d ever do that!

Now it’s the weekend most of the patients have nipped home to family and other commitments. So the morning started with a leisurely breakfast followed by circuit training before collapsing into the swimming pool to swim off the exertion!

I have a race-day set in my mind at the end of June although I’m undecided on the distance yet, as half-marathon is my preferred distance but I’m struggling to be confident with 10k at the moment and I don’t want to undo anything. I’ve also the first of the bike rides in a fortnight’s time which is but exciting and scary in equal amounts!

Of course there are another 5 mornings of treatment to cover, and I’m hoping that by the end of that I can set some serious training goals again and start back on the long-distance running journey all over again!

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