Life in the old house yet

As per usual, I don’t do things in a half-hearted way. So it was back to the bungalow for a 2.5 day session to clean and tidy it up so it can be lived in again.

Actually this is a really important thing to me. I hate seeing Mark’s home just looking as it was; Mark was very ill and hadn’t touched his home in a long time, it was just too much for him. Alas he has gone out and not come back, the home has become just a memory of him. Houses should be homes. And as sad as it is for Mark to become only part of the bungalow’s history, he isn’t coming back and so in time the house will have to become a home for a new person.

And so with Ben and Tracey we set about the challenge of emptying the remainder of the house – the loft was full and the kitchen well stocked, the old bed was still taking up space in the back room and the front room was still reeling from 8+ years of neglect as it was the storage room.

What a lovely feeling to see the house transformed. The front room, whilst it still had the furniture in there (that’s being collected soon) suddenly looking bright and alive again. The lounge carpet, newly washed, returned to its original quality again.

I only wish Mark could see it in person.

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