Like a Dalek. But without the power to exterminate!

It’s been almost a week since Wrexham. And a week without any meaningful exercise. Which is boggling for me at the moment.

To be fair, I tried to start the week as normal being out and about as I would be usually. But it began to get embarrassing when every person I met started the conversation with a tilted head and a quizzical expression and the same words “what’s wrong with your leg?

I had realised it was being dragged from building to car, and car to building and it wasn’t a pretty sight. But I’m a creature of habit. However by Wednesday the leg was trying to find opportunities not to follow. Which for a bipedal mammal can only really lead to falling over and further embarrassment.

And stairs are a true nemesis.

Whilst one can go up stairs in a seated position in the comfort of one’s own home, it’s seen as a bit weird in a busy office. And might just cause anyone in the health and safety department to cry a little bit.

Having had a few days resting the leg, plus another round with physio Andy, I’m getting to be more competent at flat surfaces. Which would be great if I lived in a world without stairs.

I feel a bit like a 1980s generation Dalek, but without a long pointy nose thing that can fire lasers.

The physio opinion is that the glute muscle has taken a battering and may be sprained. Other muscles may be damaged or torn but nothing too massive. The bruising which seemed to be coming up never seemed to get too much worse. He was talking weeks rather than months before I’m running again. So I’m cautiously optimistic, even if it still takes me about five times as long to climb a set of stairs.

Despite this and the rest of the horror of the previous week I seem to be in reasonable spirits at the moment. If I’m honest, I think that week was so bad that my mind shut down from it – I don’t think any of the reality has hit me. Except for the sore leg.

The forthcoming funeral means a trip to Cambridge, the first visit since last summer, and certainly for a far less pleasant event. Whether the reality of that will be the point when my brain reconnects with my emotions remains to be seen. I think it’s going to be tough but we will get through it together.

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