Muffins, meatballs and scones

The last couple of weeks have been hideously busy so this weekend was reserved for doing NOTHING. And lots of it. On the whole I think I managed quite well.

I was persuaded out to another ringing practice on Friday evening – their Tower Captain had recently given birth to a baby girl and they wanted to ring a quarter peal. In the end, it just wouldn’t happen – a bit more practice required to have the confidence to do it – but it was a pleasant evening out although it was yet another missed meal. I think in the end I microwaved several potatoes and called it quits.

A lie in on Saturday made for a happy start. I watched a few bits of recorded TV, chatted to my brother on the phone, baked some muffins and ran a 10 mile route. I’m slow at the moment – 8 minute miles is what I ran the marathon in – but the distances are coming back and I’m looking forward to the first race of the challenge in a couple of weeks.

Today was equally relaxed – no service ringing this morning as most of the band were away. I decided to spruce up some of the painting in the hallway which had been scuffed when the carpets were laid and then sat about listening to music although I had the urge to bake some scones – the recipe said it made 8-10, but my mix made about 30, so I’m not sure quite how that happened. But they were good with jam 🙂

I put off going to the gym until just after tea-time, but it seems I’ve been rumbled as the place was a lot busier than it ever used to be. I could always rely on a private session with countryfile on the TV, but sadly not this evening. Anyway, a 17k cycle was what I set out for and got, and a hot shower afterwards.

The food making seemed to be working inside me today as I got back and did some turkey meatballs in a tomato based sauce. I think Mark would have been proud of me, even if I didn’t get to eat until 10pm………!

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