Planning to be on top of the world

Well it’s been a few weeks since I last put pen to paper. Or at least pixels to websites.

If I’m being honest, the time hasn’t been exactly exciting, just lots of work interspersed with sleeping and trying to do yoga. I’m told I will become more flexible, although the reality is that I probably can’t get any less flexible from where I am now.

Up until this weekend the running was coming along fine, however the first of the autumn colds has struck and I’ve been devouring Aldi’s equivalent to Lemsip as if it were one of my five a day. I’ve been lucky in recent years since getting my fitness back (after the allergy debacle) in that I’ve not had that many colds, but it seems when I do get them they always seem a lot more of a drag than they used to.Still, temperature has returned somewhere close to my normal 36 degrees (yeah, I know, I’m weird and cold) and so hopefully before the week is out I should be able to get another run in.

I’m hoping for one, maybe two more long endurance runs before Chester on the 5 October, but I’m also being careful about causing anything to break, perish, snap, drop off etc. I’ve only gone as far as 17.5 miles so I’d like to at least take it to 19 and let the endorphins of the day do the last 10k – a big ask I suspect but my preparation hasn’t been as thorough as I’d have wanted.

So why the rush you might ask? Well I’d set myself the challenge in 2014 for three long bike rides and a marathon. Again this was all to raise much needed funds for the research into treatment of Myeloma with anything raised going to MyelomaUK. This was scaled to two rides due to one of them clashing with a family wedding but having really set out strong for Edinburgh I felt cheated when I had to withdraw, although I really had no choice in the matter as I couldn’t walk without pain at the time. So I reset my sights on Chester, ┬ájust over 4 months later as a test of my fitness, to get back to where I wanted to be in the first place. Whether I’ll manage my secondary goal of breaking 3h30m I doubt, but just to get around will make me a happy chap indeed.

And for a soundtrack to that, here’s Greek Fire’s ‘Top of the World’. Play it now. Loud.

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