So little time, so many cardboard boxes

It’s been a good few days since I updated the blog, mostly due to things being very hectic. When I’ve not been in work (very little time) I’ve been dividing my time between travelling to Cambridge, going to yoga classes and trying to get myself back up to date with things.

Today has been the first day in over a fortnight when I’ve not had to be up at 6am for one reason or another, and even though I was still up shortly after 8am, it still felt like a luxury.

Today was always going to be about chores, and having demolished breakfast (I’m sure I’m eating for more than one at the moment – or maybe that’s why I’m putting on weight) I managed to get various week’s of washing items back away, various items from the collection back into the collection rather than strewn around the place and got the washer on for the next load. Then there was the cardboard box mountain range which seemed to have developed between the kitchen and the front bedroom, as if some weird cardboard tectonic shift had occurred – many of which are now pride of place in the recycling bin.

So that was the physical sorting out.

Next was a bit of digital jiggery pokery to tidy up email accounts, Flickr accounts and to answer a few messages which I’d put off doing whilst I was doing other things.

So the Flickr account is looking much better now, with sections for the weddings from the last two weeks as well as my trips around the UK so far this year. You can find all of this on the link on the side of the blog, or by clicking here.

Whilst getting the details for this, I found a brilliant bit of footage from the Etape Eryri Sportive I took part in during the BBW in June. It’s as I remember it although he hurtled through the timed mile a lot more competently than I did! View it here. It’s made me think about getting a headcam. What a great way of capturing the experience 🙂 And expert ammunition for when the holiday photographs are threatened on me, I could dig out a 3 hour disc of a bike ride……!

My running has been pretty limited recently, with a plethora of excuses involving being too busy, too hot, too wet, too tired etc. Anyway, having tidied up all but my office (which will take a lot more effort to do) I dug out the HRM strap, GPS watch and my trainers and went out for a 16 mile run, with no particular direction in mind. I created a new route in the process although 16 miles from nothing was probably a bit ambitious. I’ll see if I can walk tomorrow!

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