Should the Mo, Go?

It’s been over a week since I blogged. Admittedly it would have been slightly sooner had WordPress not lost the entire text I had constructed for this post but let’s leave it with them to explain what happened there.

Despite a long weekend last weekend, it didn’t feel like it with the difficult journey to Fenstanton to bury Mark’s Ashes on what would have been his 52nd birthday. It was good to see the family though but seeing the stone tablet with his name on was soul-destroying.

The week here itself has been hectic, although on the whole that’s been in a good way. I’ve been running a load of training meetings alongside my normal stuff and also more social media work than I would have liked. It seems to be a difficult balance of having no interaction and limited feedback or the whole thing hurtling off into the stratosphere in its own direction due to it striking a nerve with the readership, which went up 500% overnight.

I think I ably proved that the internet is actually driven entirely by people looking for pictures of fluffy baby animals.

Speaking of which…..

If yo're going to photograph your Mo, you need to give it a good location!

If you’re going to photograph your Mo, you need to give it a good location!

I like many other blokes have added facial hair as part of the Movember campaign to raise awareness for Prostate Cancer. It seems even cats can get involved – here’s the proof. Anyway, I’ve taken the requisite photograph, and decided it would be much better, in costume and in sepia.

Of course the question is…… should the Mo Stay or Go?

[polldaddy poll=6734266]

Last night a friend was travelling through the area and dropped by so we went out to the local Italian restaurant for some food and a significant amount of ice cream. They said ‘ice cream surprise’ and it would have been had I not already spied another person eating one! It was rather good and comes recommended from me! But it was nice to catch up with good company and good food.

Otherwise this week, we had the Guild AGM last weekend which seemed to have returned to an indeterminately long and drawn out meeting for apparently no reason but on the flip side the ringing afterwards was very good. Our practice night on Thursday was too which was nice.

Another weekend where I’ve failed to get out and get running. The weather is cold and acting as a plausible excuse not to go outside, although I did walk to the chemist to pick up a prescription. I need to get something done, not least due to the mountain of ice cream last night – next weekend is my last 2012 organised race and it’s not an easy one!

Right, before I click publish, this time I’m going to copy the text. Just in case……..

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