Training, Shaving and not a lot of Stairs.

It has been a busy week again.

We were alerted that despite the fact we seemed to have been training for a long time, there were still a large number of people that had not turned up. It wasn’t for want of trying. Anyway, a tersely worded email to management from the centre seems to have done the trick although people are complaining now there aren’t enough training slots left.

If only they’d turned up when asked to do so….!

And we’ve had dry cold weather and wet cold weather this week. Dry isn’t so bad – wet and cold isn’t my idea of fun, regardless of the time of year.

I now have electricity in the new bit of the house. No stairs to get into the rooms to use it. Does that make it energy efficient?

And despite giving it an extra week, the Mo went this evening. I actually quite liked it – again very striking when in costume – but seemingly out of fashion in the ordinary world. Until next time!

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