Rest #REDBED Day 21


Today is #REDBED Day 21 and was a tough one. Not so much emotionally, but definitely physically!

Training and rest

I’ve mentioned in a couple of previous posts about the way that training and over-training impact on your level of fitness. In particular, the aspect of resting, which is often overlooked and frequently understated.

Rest is the period where your body adapts to the training that it has been receiving. It’s a time for the body to recover and to repair muscle fibres. It is also a time for it to replenish its energy supplies.

Ignoring rest periods leads to fatigue and injury. Therefore it is at least as important as every other component in your training plan.

But what about the run streak?

Yes, it is a problem. Run streaks basically throw out everything you learn about putting a training plan together. So while it’s something to be running every single day, you need to factor in that some days need to be much easier (slower & shorter) to enable the body to recover if you’re going to run at all.

Up until this week I’ve had a number of easier days during the 52 day period since the streak started. Where things have started to go awry is the end of the ‘Run Up 2 Christmas‘ challenge which ends on Monday. Essentially now I’ve decided I want to complete the full 250km challenge, it has left me with getting those final miles tallied up in a relatively short period. Yes it’s doable, but it has resulted in a number of longer running days than I would have liked. Which is why today was tough.

#REDBED Day 21 Run (streak #52)

I had originally thought I might follow yesterday’s plan of running between my jobs today. But having woken up and decided I was completely shattered I decided against it. Not least because running up and down grey & miserable main roads is not enjoyable. Today is also the winter solstice meaning it is practically the shortest amount of daylight. So I didn’t want to be hanging around too late!

In the end I finished work, made some bread dough and then drove up into High Lane. The plan was to do a run entirely off road as I couldn’t even face running the 2 miles there in the first place. In the end I explored a few trails I’ve seen but never run. And gave up on a few that I’ve run in the past but were nigh on impassable today! Here’s the route:

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