Revisiting #REDBED

It's a Red Bed for #REDBED
It's a Red Bed for #REDBED

It seems like a long time ago that I embarked on a charity fund-raiser for MIND back in December 2017.

In conjunction with the ‘Run Up 2 Christmas‘ project co-ordinated by a fabulous couple of runners on Twitter (Kev & Clare), I added a ‘Run Every Day’ (RED) element to it. And then a ‘Blog Every Day’ (BED) because the other two bits combined still weren’t complicated enough. And probably because I thought #REDBED sounded quite catchy (and enabled me to do something silly with GIMP).

By chance I ended up reading all 31 blog posts this afternoon. Albeit in reverse order (I am what I am).

All about the blog

One of the things I’ve always liked about blogging is that it does capture a moment in time, in the same way keeping a diary does. Despite last winter being fairly uneventful, there was still a large variation in mood and feelings during the project. It also brought back some memories that I’d since forgotten about, which is nice (at least some of those feeling were nice; some were less so).

I was also slightly intrigued as to how I would feel about some of the content. Writing to a deadline, every day for 31 days, was always going to be the biggest challenge and with a risk of it all being nonsense. Would I actually have anything to say?  On the whole, I’m quite happy with the majority of most of the articles. Accepting there were a couple where it was plainly obvious that they were there because I had to write something!


One big drawback with blog posts is that once they’ve dropped off the front page, they’re often lost in the depths of the archives and difficult to locate again.

I’d previously planned to index the articles, and having re-read  them all (backwards) it galvanised me into action.

So here are links to the 31 #REDBED articles for MIND. I’ve indexed them forwards, because that’s how normal people would do it……

Day 1: It beings. #REDBED is live
Day 2: Why running with others can be great
Day 3: Gravy Pud race review and the rest of #REDBED day 3
Day 4: Trail or Road Running. Or Both?
Day 5: Mental Health and a little intro about Lyme Runners
Day 6: Too much of a good thing?
Day 7: Going with the flow
Day 8: A few thoughts on fuel
Day 9: White-out in Lyme Park
Day 10: Do you warm up? Cool down?
Day 11: How much do you rely on running tech?
Day 12: Night Street League
Day 13: Why it’s good to have targets
Day 14: A little bit on motivation
Day 15: Are you safety conscious?
Day 16: A slippery LSR and #REDBED recap
Day 17: 1000 miles done!
Day 18: Foggy weather and foggy minds
Day 19: Time for a couple of milestones
Day 20: Pros and cons of a run streak
Day 21: Rest
Day 22: Speed and interval sessions
Day 23: #RU2C challenge completed!
Day 24: When motivation doesn’t happen
Day 25: Christmas Day
Day 26: Dodging the Boxing Day dog walkers
Day 27: Off-road night run
Day 28: Life bridges
Day 29: Bad weather dodging
Day 30: 2017 round-up (part 1)
Day 31: Challenge wrap-up! The final day

Get involved in 2018

If you are interested in taking part in a running community-related project to raise money for MIND in 2018, #RU2C is back in December.

In addition, Kev & Clare’s other MIND fund-raising project MarathonInADay  is back for its second year this September between 21st – 24th September. The idea of this latter project is that over a 24 hour period you run 26.2 miles. On your own or sharing the load with others (so in theory you could have 26 in a group doing 1.007692 miles each!)

Check them both out!

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