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GPS Watch woes

As amateur athletes, we are spoiled with the expanse of technology which is easily available to us. GPS watches are available at many different budgets and most mobile phones carry a GPS chip.  Sites such…

Yorkshire 3 peaks

Yorkshire 3 Peaks – or “sixteen go mad in Yorkshire” Christmas pre-amble Well it’s Christmas which, as usual for most people, has involved sitting around and consuming far too much in warm houses for the…

Stryd – Running with power

This is a first impressions post about the new Stryd module which is the first device to specifically measure power whilst running. For cyclists, power has been a metric which has been used for years to…

A bit more running maths

** Fluff warning – this is a statistics-based article and does not contain any pictures of, or any references to kittens ** I guess it’s as much to do with the time of year as anything else….

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